Daily Word

Luke 20

Read Luke 20 – Did they want truth or shame?  

Jesus was teaching and preaching the good news in the temple when the religious officials demanded to know by whose authority Jesus taught (:2). 

When I was a skeptic, I (cowardly) emailed the pastor a bunch of questions.   He bought me the book,  The Case For Christ,  by Lee Strobel.  I was a bit irritated that he didn’t personally answer my questions until I began reading the book. I realized:

1) there were answers to all my questions

2) if the pastor would have answered – I would have been so busy thinking up the next question that I wouldn’t have truly heard the answer.

3) I wouldn’t have retained the information the way one does when they pursue truth. 

Like Jesus modeled here, the pastor put the ball in my court, and that book helped me move from a smartypants skeptic, to all-in-believer in Jesus Christ.  Sadly, it didn’t turn out as well for these men. Many more lessons are in our chapter and I hope you enjoy reading it for yourself.🤓📖😍🙏😍📖🤓

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