Daily Word

Luke 18

Read Luke 18 – What do you want? 

Consider our parable, when the blind beggar was told Jesus was passing by he began shouting on faith:  JESUS, SON OF DAVID, HAVE MERCY ON ME!  This was a cry to be heard.  The crowd didn’t like it and told him to be quiet, yet he shouted all the louder: SON OF DAVID, HAVE MERCY ON ME!   Jesus asked that the man be brought to him and as he came near, Jesus asked, “What do you want me to do for you?”  The man was specific – he wanted to see.  Jesus made it so, and the man followed Jesus, praising him with a joy and reverence that was contagious throughout the crowd (:31-34). 

Beloved, learn from this blind beggar.  Cry out!  Shout!  Be heard in your pleas.  Be specific with what you are asking for.  The man’s first request for mercy was broad and when he got specific, that is when the miracle happened.  Is your prayer too broad to even know if its been answered?  Get as specific as you can in your prayers. 

Intercessory prayer, prayers for others, is important, but make sure you pray for yourself as well.  Your own testimony is for God’s glory; your joy for Jesus should be personal. 

In our chapter, we see people with specific needs…The widow wanted justice.  The tax collector wanted forgiveness.  The children wanted Jesus.  The rich man wanted to be good enough on his own terms.  And the blind man wanted to see.  What do you want?  Beloved, pray.🙏🙏🙏

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