Daily Word

Luke 17

Read Luke 17 – Just show up.  Jesus takes us through several examples of faith starting with the faith to forgive time and time again.  If a person asks for forgiveness, forgive (:4). 

May your faith be as big as a mustard seed.  Can you manage that, Beloved?  Life will come at you and your faith may take a beating.  When you are weary, remind yourself that Jesus said if you have the faith as small as a mustard seed you can do great things(:6). 

The servant illustration (:7-:10) is rich.  People are always wanting approval and pats on the back, so remember you are simply doing God’s work and there is much more to be done.  You are the servant.  Jesus is Lord.  Keep a clear perspective.  And be like the 10th leper, say thank you(:16). 

Verses :20-:37 speak about the signs for the coming Kingdom of God – you don’t get one – live every day as though it were happening today.  Live trusting that when the day arrives, you will know it, and do not turn back for anything.  Jesus has no tolerance for divided loyalties. 

Beloved, when you pray today, ask the Lord to show you any division in your heart, any idols that you’re holding onto, that are keeping you at arms length.⚠️🚫↩👆↪🚫⚠️

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