2 Samuel 5

Read 2 Samuel 5 – David’s reign as King over all of Israel is official – He was 30 years old at this time and reigned for 40 years (5:4).  Have you ever waited a long time for something to come true? 

King David is anointed king (5:3), he overtakes the Jebusite land and makes it the City of David(5:7), he extends the city and becomes more and more powerful, KIng Hiram comes alongside David with gifts of timber and workmen, AND THEN, King David realized the Lord had confirmed and blessed him as king over Israel(5:12).  Sometimes the truth of God’s hand of blessing is all around you, but you have to let go of fight/survival mode before you can accept it.  Gratitude is the cure.  Gratitude changes your lens. 

The Philistines learn David is King, they set out against him.  David asks God and the Lord says, yes, I will certainly hand them over to you (5:19).  David has all the power and authority, yet he remains humble under the Lord, setting a timeless example for us to cling to.👑😍🙏🏻⚓🙏🏻😍👑

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