2 Samuel 6

Read 2 Samuel 6 – David moves the Arc of God, and it goes poorly.  Did you notice, he didn’t pray first, and he moved the Arc of God with a cart, rather than have it carried by men as the Lord designed it.  The oxen started to slip and Uzzah reached out to steady the Arc on the cart and the LORD struck him down for his irreverence. 

David got angry, then he became afraid of the Lord.  We haven’t seen this ever before, but as most parents know, sometimes you have to come on strong to keep things in line. 

The Arc of God was entrusted to Obed-Edom. It was there for 3 months and the Lord blessed the house of Obed-Edom. 

David retrieves the Arc of God, with great reverence and rejoicing as he brings it in to the City of David.  He is dancing in the streets before the LORD with all his might!  Everyone is overjoyed, except Michal, who thinks David’s behavior is common and disgraceful.  Her scolding invited David’s harsh response, and she never bore a child.  This repeated message of the admonishment should be our take away.  Reverence is important.  Do not overstep.

Michal, still on chapter 6.  

I wonder about this girl, Michal.  She loved David, and he fought to pay her bride price by meeting King Saul’s request to bring him 100 Philistine foreskins(1 Sam 18:20-28).  She saved David’s life by warning him that King Saul (her father) was set on killing him and helped him escape (1 Sam 19:11-17).  During David’s absence, King Saul gives her to another man in marriage, Palti of Gallim(1 Sam 25:44).  

I don’t know the details of this…. Was she considered shamed by David’s abandonment?  Did she still love David? Where was her heart as she was being given to another man in marriage?  Did that change over time?  When David demanded her back as a statement of General Abner’s loyalty (2 Sam 3:13) did she go willingly?  Her husband, Palti, followed her weeping, until the mighty Abner told him to go home… they must have loved each other, for him to weep after her, right(2 Sam 3:16)?

Now, we see such a change of heart in Michal.  She loved David in the beginning, and now she despises him(2 Sam 6:16).  David comes in elated and generous to all, wanting to bless his household in his joy, and she admonishes him in disgust (2 Sam 6:20)… friends,  beware of bitterness!  It will change you into someone you never thought you could become. King David will have none of it.  He puts her in her place and admonishes her to remain childless for the rest of her life(2 Sam 6:21-23).  

But my heart is stirred for her story.  Did jealousy destroy her?  In the end she was one of seven wives, and, let’s face it, hearts don’t change over generations.  Jealousy is something we all must guard against.  Was she a spoiled child who never outgrew her princess upbringing?  Beloved, let’s all learn from her.  Gratitude could have written a very different story for Michal, and it will write a very beautiful story for you the more you seek it.

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