Daily Word

Genesis 19:17-38

Read Genesis 19:17-38 – Continuing on in vs :17, “The angel exclaims, ‘Escape with your life! Do not look behind you nor stay anywhere in the plain, lest you be destroyed.'”

That does not sound wishy-washy to me, yet again, Lot wants to compromise. The angel grants him favor. Destruction rains down as they set foot in Zoar, and Mrs Lot looks back. She becomes a pillar of salt, forever cautioning humanity DO NOT LOOK BACK LONGINGLY ON SIN. 

Lot and the girls wind up living isolated in a mountain cave.  The daughters come up with a vile plot to secure offspring by Lot…. Perhaps believing they were the only people on earth, but without any indication they sought the LORD… Their babies would forever be at war with Israel.   Moab fathers the Moabites, and Ben-Ammi the Ammonites.

Beloved, may God speak to your heart through these broken people. Lot shows us our influence is important, for better or worse. We see how enviornment can drag one’s morals down. Lot’s daughters teach us the perils of making life choices without Jesus. What else did you take away from these cautionary events?🤔🙏❤📖❤🙏🥰

Daily Word

John 19

Read John 19 – You are going to want to look away, but don’t.  You are going to want to read this lightly the way one does when the characters seem foreign, read it twice, maybe three times.  Read it until you are able to see your own need for a Savior.  Read it until you see how far you are from worthy to be in the presence of our Holy God. 

Are you a “good person”?  Read it again.  Pilate tried to be a “good person”.  He knew Jesus was innocent so he thought maybe a scourging would satisfy the angry, blood thirsty crowd…. It was his weak and deranged compromise. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, surrendered his life to the cruelest abuses man can conceive.  Why were they so cruel – a crown of thorns, slapping Jesus, who swung the whip that tore his flesh?  When one person is cruel, it is very bad, yet when a frenzy of cruelty erupts, it is inhumane.

Jesus was innocent.  He bore my sins on that cross.  He bore your sins on that cross.  Feel the magnitude of it.  “It is finished.”  :30  Jesus paid our atoning sacrifice.  It was more than we can afford – our sin deems us unworthy.  It was more than we deserve.  “Yet while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  Romans 5:8


2 Samuel 20

Read 2 Samuel 20 – No sooner is Israel united than Sheba starts a revolt. “So all the men of Israel deserted David and followed Sheba son of Bicri.”(20:2)  

Meanwhile, David is at home, dealing with his defiled concubines.  He couldn’t return to them after Absalom raped them publicly. He placed them in seclusion, providing for their needs, yet condemning them to live out their lives like widows… this unfair fate should serve as an example of how our personal sin often ripples onto the lives of others.  

Back to the Sheba situation. David tells Amasa to mobilize the men and they set out after Sheba. Joab meets up with Amasa, goes in for a brotherly greeting (they were cousins), but instead, plunges a dagger into Amasa, spilling his insides to the ground!  He does this right in the path of the soldiers.  This slows them down, so Joab’s man drags him to the field and covers him, and the men march on after Joab.  

They find Sheba in a town and begin breaking down the city wall.  A wise woman comes on scene, addresses Joab directly and resolves the matter quickly and without harm to the city.  I wish we knew her name.  Her intervention saved so much destruction and bloodshed.  

I read that Sheba can be considered a symbol of our sin.  Bible commentator, John Trapp explains,  “Every man’s breast is a city enclosed. Every sin is a traitor that lurketh within those walls. God calleth for Sheba’s head, neither hath he any quarrel to us for our person, but for our sin. If we love the head of our traitor above the life of our soul, we shall justly perish in the vengeance.”