Daily Word

Genesis 19:17-38

Read Genesis 19:17-38 – Continuing on in vs :17, “The angel exclaims, ‘Escape with your life! Do not look behind you nor stay anywhere in the plain, lest you be destroyed.'”

That does not sound wishy-washy to me, yet again, Lot wants to compromise. The angel grants him favor. Destruction rains down as they set foot in Zoar, and Mrs Lot looks back. She becomes a pillar of salt, forever cautioning humanity DO NOT LOOK BACK LONGINGLY ON SIN. 

Lot and the girls wind up living isolated in a mountain cave.  The daughters come up with a vile plot to secure offspring by Lot…. Perhaps believing they were the only people on earth, but without any indication they sought the LORD… Their babies would forever be at war with Israel.   Moab fathers the Moabites, and Ben-Ammi the Ammonites.

Beloved, may God speak to your heart through these broken people. Lot shows us our influence is important, for better or worse. We see how enviornment can drag one’s morals down. Lot’s daughters teach us the perils of making life choices without Jesus. What else did you take away from these cautionary events?🤔🙏❤📖❤🙏🥰

Daily Word

Genesis 14

Read Genesis 14 – Life with Lot – Oh Lot… He just had to pick life on the edge. 

Lot is now living in Sodom when war breaks out (this is the first mention of war in the bible).  He is captured, along with everything he owned, :12.  But one of his men escaped and reported the situation to Uncle Abram. 

Abram was a man of great faith.  He was blessed with great wealth.  And here we see he was also a prudent man, with 318 men born in his household and trained to fight.  Abram recovered all that was taken, including Lot, all the women and other captives, :16. 

After Abram returns, the King of Sodom and Melchizedek, the King of Salem, go out to meet him. 

Melchizedek is one of the most fascinating characters in the bible.  He is a bit of a mystery, not in any genealogies.  He is both King and priest of God Most High (a special designation), and he brings bread and wine to Abram, and blesses him (perhaps a foreshadowing of Jesus).  Then Abram gives him 1/10 of the recovered goods… our first example of tithing. 

The king of Salem asks for the return of his people, and tells Abram he can keep all the recovered goods.  Abram answers, “Ewww”  (slight paraphrase on my part).  He does not want a cent for himself, lest the king say he made Abram rich… Abram’s wealth is to God’s glory alone.  But Abram does request that his allies get their fair share.  In other words he did not make his standards the standards of his neighbors. 

Beloved, where are you in this?  Do you live one foot in faith and one in the world, like Lot?  Are you ready to take a stand against evil, like Abram?  Do you use money to make yourself look good, like the King of Sodom? Does your faith shine with the extraordinary love of God, like Melchizedek?❓🤷‍♂️🤺💰💖❓

Daily Word

Genesis 13

Read Genesis 13 – Back to basics.  When one strays from the LORD and nothing is working simply go back to the last place you heard from Him and do what you did in the beginning. 

Remember, the LORD did not call Abram to Egypt.  At this point in the story, both Abram and Lot are wealthy ranchers.  Beloved, take note that wealth does not equal wholeness or contentment.  We are designed with those longings which only God can fill. 

Abram goes back to the last place he heard from God, between Bethel and Ai, :4.  The land could not sustain all the livestock between the two men, and fights were breaking out among the herdsmen :6-7.  Abram proposes that they separate and gives Lot first choice of land.  Lot chose the fertile land of the entire Jordan Valley, drawing close to Sodom, even though the people were known for their wickedness :10-13. 

Then, LOOK at what God’s Word says, “As soon as Lot had gone, the LORD said to Abram, ‘Look as far as you can see in every direction – north, south, east and west.  I am giving all this land, as far as you can see, to you and your descendants as a permanent possession.’ “ :15  Plus, God adds more descendants than grains of sand… remember, Sarai has been barren thus far.  And God tells Abram to walk the land He is giving him.  And Abram settled near an oakgrove, trees known for deep roots, in Negev, and built an altar to the LORD. 

Beloved, God wants you to delight in all that He gives you – when is the last time you “walked the land” he has given you?  When is the last time you worshipped Him sacrificially as Abram built the altar… we may not do that today, but we can give, we can sing in worship, pray and give thanks.  Remember, gratitude to the LORD changes everything.  Your gratitude glorifies God and makes your heart right.🍁❤🙌🙏🙌❤🍁