Daily Word

Matthew 17:9-22

Read Matthew 17:9-22 – Repetition is key. Jesus spoke about his death in Matthew 16:21, 17:9-12, and :22. He was preparing his disciples for what comes next.

After this, they came down the mountain to the crowd. A man asked Jesus to heal his demon possessed son, stating that his disciples tried unsuccessfully. Jesus rebukes the demon, and the boy is healed. He rebukes his disciples too, calling them unbelieving, perverse and stating that they have little faith.

Ouch, right? And if they had little faith, what does mine look like? Jesus says with faith just the size of a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for us. (:21)

Jesus’ death and resurrection is everything to Christianity. Jesus knew time was of the essence, perhaps that is why he comes down so firmly on the disciples in verses :14-20.

Beloved, Jesus forewarned his disciples about his death, and we have the privilege of hindsight to know things happened exactly as he said. Jesus is coming back, and has told us so. We look expectantly for the day. May your faith increase as your heart, soul, mind and strength stay focused on Jesus.

Daily Word

Matthew 17:1-13

Read Matthew 17:1-13 – We begin with a great big WOW!  Jesus takes Peter, James and John the brother of James up a high mountain and is transfigured before them.  What an incredible thing for Jesus to share with them.  “His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.  Just then there appeared before them Moses and Elijah, talking with Jesus.” :2-3

Do your very best to imagine this moment.  Are you awed like James and John, or do you feel compelled to say something like Peter did?  One commentator pointed out that this was Jesus in his natural state… the remarkable thing was that he was able to look ordinary during his time on earth. 

And just as they were beginning to grasp what they were seeing, things got even more awesome.

“While he was still speaking, a bright cloud enveloped them, and a voice from the cloud said, ‘This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.  Listen to him!’” :5

That was it; the disciples then fell face down in fear.  The voice of God Almighty is overwhelming… We hear the expression, ‘fear of God’, and that is what these three experienced.  They have been with Jesus and in the presence of supernatural miracles on a daily basis, yet the voice of God was more than they could imagine.  They were overwhelmed.  This is our Heavenly Father, our Holy LORD God Almighty and because of Jesus, we have the privilege of eternity with him.  

Beloved, may you ponder the majesty of Lord Jesus today.  May you hold on to the fact that Jesus came from heaven and humbled his glory because saving you was worth it to him. May gratitude lead your day. 

Daily Word

Matthew 17

Read Matthew 17 – When Grandpa Bob and I would go on errands in his old pick up truck, he would say,  “Whoa Nelly,  whoa…” when he was breaking. As a little girl I thought it was amazing that he could talk his truck into stopping. 

We are covering a lot of amazing things right now in Matthew, and I feel the need to say,  “Whoa Nelly, whoa…”  I try to share just enough of my thoughts that you pick up your bible and read for yourself, but Matthew…. It’s just not working for me in Matthew.

I’m finding that the chapters cover so many different moments, and those moments stir my heart in incredible ways.  I don’t want to rush through.   We aren’t on a timeline. So let’s take our time for now. 

Your bible probably has titles within each chapter.   These aren’t Scripture, but they are helpful.  The ESV Bible I’m using today gives us: The Transfiguration, Jesus Heals a Boy With a Demon, Jesus Again Foretells Death, Resurrection, and The Temple Tax – all within our 27 verses.

Read all the way through today and ask yourself what stands out. Are you able to keep up with Jesus from amazing to amazing?   Tomorrow we can dive deeper in verses :1-13.