Daily Word

Matthew 17

Read Matthew 17 – When Grandpa Bob and I would go on errands in his old pick up truck, he would say,  “Whoa Nelly,  whoa…” when he was breaking. As a little girl I thought it was amazing that he could talk his truck into stopping. 

We are covering a lot of amazing things right now in Matthew, and I feel the need to say,  “Whoa Nelly, whoa…”  I try to share just enough of my thoughts that you pick up your bible and read for yourself, but Matthew…. It’s just not working for me in Matthew.

I’m finding that the chapters cover so many different moments, and those moments stir my heart in incredible ways.  I don’t want to rush through.   We aren’t on a timeline. So let’s take our time for now. 

Your bible probably has titles within each chapter.   These aren’t Scripture, but they are helpful.  The ESV Bible I’m using today gives us: The Transfiguration, Jesus Heals a Boy With a Demon, Jesus Again Foretells Death, Resurrection, and The Temple Tax – all within our 27 verses.

Read all the way through today and ask yourself what stands out. Are you able to keep up with Jesus from amazing to amazing?   Tomorrow we can dive deeper in verses :1-13.

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