Daily Word

Deuteronomy 17

Read Deuteronomy 17 – Courts and kings –  The LORD outlines how justice is to be decided in :2-13.  It must be on the testimony of more than one witness and if it is too hard to decide in the local court they were to take it to the place the LORD would choose. (:8) Beloved, this shows how close their relationship with the LORD was.  He was their King and he would lead them to the Levitical priest or judge on duty to decide the case. (:9)  Justice was to be decisive and acted on immediately.  And if anyone was arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or priest – that person was to die.  God gives the explanation that this would purge evil from Israel and hearing about it would cause people to be afraid, saving them from such arrogance.

It is interesting that the LORD added this part on choosing a king.  He was their King, yet he knew they would eventually desire a human king as other nations had.  His requirements are excellent – Israel could have saved so much grief by adhering to them… and I can’t help long for a president in our nation who would meet them. 

The king was to personally copy this body of instructions on a scroll in the presence of the Levitical priests and read from it daily. (:18)  That is a king worthy of leading a nation!  

Beloved, with this all fresh in your heart, why don’t you take some time to pray for our courts and government.  It is not too late to return to the LORD!

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