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Mark 3

Reflections on Mark 3 – Oh tragedy, the religious have lost their way! Religion is such a foul word to most believers. In Mark 3 we begin to see where it missed the mark in Jesus’s day.  

Mark 3 begins with Jesus entering the synagogue and discovering a man with a shriveled hand.  

Beloved,  notice how Jesus goes straight to the impossible.   Are there areas of your life that are impossible, but for Jesus?

In :2, we see the religious men are watching Jesus to see if they can accuse him.   According to their religious interpretation, healing on the Sabbath was considered working and therefore, illegal. Fortunately, our Jesus does not hold such a legalistic view of His own Word. Jesus is all about restoration, mercy, grace and love.   The fact that those entrusted to represent the Word of God were anything but angered Him,  :5.  Jesus told the man to stretch out his hand. 

Beloved,  this is where our part comes in. The man might have told Jesus he couldn’t because his hand was shriveled, but instead he did the impossible, trusting if Jesus told him to stretch it out that he would be able to. The impossible is possible with Jesus. Can you think of any areas of your life where you are holding back? Do you have excuses why Jesus can’t heal things because….

In verse :7-10 we see a problem developing as people from everywhere heard about the healings and wanted their own to the point where Jesus had a boat ready, lest the crowd crush Him.   People pushed in for healing without care for who Jesus was or what he came to do. 

Beloved, soul’s are eternal, infirmities are not. Many more incredible things happen in our chapter.   What was your favorite?  Were any hard to wrap your head around?   It’s okay to have questions, but pursue answers, always remembering that God is good. 

Enjoy chapter 4 next.

2 thoughts on “Mark 3”

  1. Hi Judy, thank you for the daily readings, your encouraging devotions and insights. Your efforts are blessing so many 🙏🏽


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