Daily Word

Mark 2

Reflections on Mark 2 – Did you imagine it?  As you read about the paralyzed man being lowered by his friends before Jesus,  did you try to picture it?  

Beloved,  would you could lower someone into Jesus’s presence for healing? What if you were the one with the need?   Who cares so much about you they keep you close to Jesus? Do try to keep your needs to yourself? 

What do you think the outcome would have been for this paralytic man if he would have told his friends to stop?  It’s too embarrassing. It would be rude to tear up the roof.  

May I propose that none of us are very different?   We all fall short; we all need each others to stay on the narrow path,  and we all need Jesus.

In verse :16, judgement enters the scene as the Pharisees and scribes notice Jesus keeps company with tax collectors and sinners. He responds without being asked, saying it’s not the healthy who need a doctor,  but the sick. 

Beloved,  don’t you love that? Hypocrisy is ugly.   Knowing one is unworthy is a terrible way to go through life, and even worse when those in power won’t let the person live it down.   Jesus changed everything. 

Finally,  Jesus confronts legalism.   Pharisees loved legalism,  and Jesus points out that the law was not meant to matter more than people.

Beloved,  what else in these verses refreshed your love for our Savior? Take some time with that,  then read Mark 3.💕

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