Daily Word

Genesis 5

Read Genesis 5 – Ready for a treasure hunt?  There is treasure buried in the genealogy of chapter 5. 

Don’t think the unusual names and extraordinary life spans are reasons to glaze over.  Remember, the atmosphere of our planet was different before the flood of Noah (Gen 2:5-6).  People lived close to a thousand years.

Written language did not exist then, all history was spoken,  passed down from the patriarchs. Adam would have been grampa to most of the generations prior to Lamech (Noah’s dad).  And Adam’s son, Seth, would have continued through the generations,  even knowing Noah 34 years prior to his (Seth) death. (Thank you,  agapebiblestudy, for doing the math for me.) 

When reading something repetitive,  ‘he lived, he begot, he died’, it is really important to note any variations.   Meet Enoch (:18-24).  In verse :22 it says “ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD THREE HUNDRED YEARS.”  Everyone before and after simply “lived”, but Enoch walked with God. His life on earth is also significantly shorter, 365 years, then, he didn’t die in the ordinary sense.   The bible says:  ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD; AND HE WAS NOT, FOR GOD TOOK HIM,  :24.

Beloved,  as you read Chapter 5, would you also pray that God give you wisdom and understanding? These ancient writings are rich with truth and insight.  They will give you greater understanding of who God is, and where you fit in the story of life. 🙏🌎☝🌫☝😍🙏

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