Daily Word

Genesis 4

Read Genesis 4 – Human nature is a messy thing. 

Meet Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve.  Cain was a farmer, and Abel was a shepherd, :2.  Both honor God with offerings, but Cain did so casually, offering some fruit, while Abel offered the best portions of the firstborn lambs, :3-4. 

The Lord knows the difference between someone who throws $5 in the basket at Christmas, and one who is delighted to send what the Lord puts on their heart (generally thought to be 10%) with joy and gratitude as soon as it hits their account.  The Lord did not accept Cain’s gift, and he reacted with pride and bitterness.  The Lord is aware and discusses the matter with Cain, :7.  But Cain does not heed God’s warning, instead he takes his bitterness out on his brother, Abel, and murders him, :8!  The Lord approaches Cain after, giving him the opportunity to confess.  Cain responds with arrogance, and the Lord issues punishment.  Notice it is punishment with protection.  The Lord puts a seal on Cain and anyone who kills him will be punished sevenfold. 

Beloved, take a good look at Cain’s reaction to his sentence.  He still does not repent!  He only complains.  Cain goes on to lead a life, marries, has children, and generations to follow. 

Meanwhile, Adam and Eve are blessed with another son, and name him Seth.  Seth grew up and had a son named Enosh.  AT THAT TIME PEOPLE FIRST BEGAN TO WORSHIP THE LORD BY NAME, :26b.  Hallelujah!  Cain’s offspring was selfish and boastful, but Seth’s legacy is one of worshipping God by name. 

Beloved, who are you?  As God looks at the truth of who you are, what does he see?  If it’s time to confess, then do it NOW!  Repent and become a legacy maker!

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