Daily Word

Acts 14

Read Acts 14 – Victory and persecution – Oh my heart!  Why do you suppose the Gospel is so clear and precious to some, while others despise it?  And for those who despise it, it’s not a simple, “No thank you.”  They want to destroy the messengers.

Barnabas and Paul preached boldly and the Lord proved their message to be true by giving them power to do miraculous signs and wonders, :3.  A mob incited against them and they fled to Lystra and Derbe, where they continued to preach.  While Paul was preaching he locked eyes with a crippled man, realized the man had faith, and called him to stand up!  The man did (Yay!) and the crowd went crazy – but too crazy – they began to worship Paul and Barnabas, thinking them to be the Greek gods, Zeus and Hermes (Oops!).  Paul and Barnabas tore their robes in dismay and immediately urged the crowd to stop worshipping them and worship God. 

Beloved, may this serve as a caution to you in either direction.  If you are serving the Lord and people praise you for it, be quick to turn that praise to Jesus Christ. Likewise, if you find yourself thinking more highly of your pastor, or anyone, than Jesus, examine your heart, repent and give all glory to God Almighty. 

The rollercoaster of victory and persecution continues.  Our apostles keep the faith and keep going. 

Beloved, be victory minded.  Persecution will come, deal with it, flee when it’s time to flee, and press on with and for Jesus Christ. To Him be the Glory! ❣☝🙌🙏🙌☝❣

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