Daily Word

Acts 13

Read Acts 13 – Living for Christ is a life on the move!   And if one is to live on the move for Jesus, one best know how to connect.   Verse :2 gives us insight, saying,  “while they were worshipping the Lord and fasting…”  Worship can be done in song, in words of gratitude and adoration, in prayer… and fasting fine tunes one’s physical body to the Lord, as hunger rumbles,  dependence on Jesus satisfies. 

These church leaders had a clear and united direction from the Holy Spirit.   They laid hands and prayed for Barnabas and Paul/ Saul, and sent them on mission to Cyprus. 

In :4-13 these two men encounter a Jewish sorcerer, a false prophet named Bar- Jesus.  In dealing with him, the proconsul saw, was amazed and believed.   Beloved,  God acts in multifaceted ways.   When you face conflict, it may be about much more than the situation at hand. Stay in the game.

Paul and Barnabas continue on the move and are invited to give encouragement in the temple.  Paul gives a Jewish history overview then moves on to Jesus, and Salvation.   It’s excellent and they reached the hearts of Jews and Gentiles… although not every Jew thought the Good News was good, and some conspired against them.

Beloved, enjoy this action packed chapter.  Imagine yourself in their shoes,  Paul,  Barnabas, the listeners… I pray God’s Word goes deep in your heart. 😍❣🙏❣😍

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