Daily Word

Luke 11

Read Luke 11 – It’s kind of like Africa – I went on holiday to Africa in 2017.  It was incredible.  Every day was the best day of my life!  I would lay down each night with such awe and joy, but also a pinch of sorrow that this “best day ever” was over.  What could the next possibly offer?  And then the next day would be a different flavor of “best day ever” too!  That’s how God’s Word is, each chapter is brimming with life – the life of Jesus brings such life, hope, joy and awe to mine!

Chapter 11 – wow!  It holds what we call THE LORD’S PRAYER, yet notice Jesus says this is HOW, and not WHAT, you should pray.  Beloved, model your prayers as Jesus teaches, do not recite verse :2-:4 impersonally. 

Verses :5-:13 further explain that your prayers should be relentless – Jesus says Keep on asking, keep on seeking and keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you.  That, beloved is permission to dream and dream big! 

The pharisees get themselves in more hot water throughout the chapter.  As you read it, think about the pressure your own pastor is under.  He must lead with impeccable integrity as the judgment for misleading people is not taken lightly.  Beloved, pray for your pastor and pray for yourself – Jesus says, “Make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness.” (:35)  Are your good deeds done to impress men?  Ask the Lord to show you what he sees. 

Beloved, may your lamp shine brightly!🕯💡🌞🙏🌞💡🕯

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