Daily Word

Luke 3

Read Luke 3 – This ain’t no ‘once upon a time’ – Luke is an educated man, a physician, and his account in our chapter gives historical details that are established.  :1 gives us the political timeline.  :2 gives us the religious timeline. 

John’s ministry is revealed in verses 3:3-:22.  John was resolute, and bold; he was not afraid to be offensive.  He was both weird and wise, and commanded the listeners ear.  He pointed to Jesus, and did not seek his own fame.  His ministry was prophesied way back in Isaiah 40:3-5.  John the Baptist baptized Jesus.  Luke’s account gives a slightly different view than the one we just read in John 1:29-34.  Luke records the Holy Spirits descent from heaven, like a dove, upon Jesus, and the Father’s response:  You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy(:22). 

Jesus’s earthly ministry begins when he is about 30 years old (:23) and then Luke presents Jesus’s lineage.  This is very special to me, because Jesus is known as Joseph’s son even though we know he was not his biological father.  Adoption is legitimized by the Lord himself.  When one is adopted by a human father and when one is adopted into God’s family, it is as strong and real as blood to God. 

Beloved, do you need reassurance that you belong?  Trust that when God calls you his own, his treasured possession, he means it eternally.💖👆💖🙏💖🕊💖

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