Daily Word

Luke 2

Read Luke 2 – Merry Christmas in October – we are walking with Jesus from birth to age 12!  

Joseph and Mary journey to Bethlehem late in her pregnancy because of a census on one hand, and because this fulfilled the prophecy of Micah 5:2, that one who would rule Israel would come from little Bethlehem, one whose origins are from old, from ancient times. (My paraphrase) Beloved, we never know what the Lord is fulfilling through our day to day. 

The glory of verses :9-:15 is spectacular.   Try to visualize it as you read and be astonished as the shepherds were(:18).

When Jesus was 8 days old, Mary and Joseph took him to the temple for dedication and circumcision. Simeon (who was known as righteous and devout) and prophetess Anna knew Jesus was Messiah immediately and their encounter (:25-:38) is beautiful. 

Our chapter takes us through Jesus’s childhood up to age 12, when he stayed in the temple, amazing everyone who heard him. Beloved, carry the joy and wonder of Christ’s birth with you today.   What other gems did you notice as you read?

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