Daily Word

John 13

Read John 13 – This is hard stuff.   Even Jesus was troubled over this (:21). 

Remember all those times Jesus was in a crowd of people who wanted to arrest or stone him,  and he simply left?   Those divine escapes happened because his time had not yet come.   Here in Chapter 13, it’s time (:1). 

Jesus first washes his disciples feet and commands them to follow his example and wash one another’s feet (:14).  I think this is more significant than we can comprehend this side of heaven,  but on a human level, we should always be serving one another and making those around us clean, just as Jesus has done for us. The wheels are in motion for Judas to betray Jesus.   Satan enters him… remember Judas was prone to sin…. skimming money off the top (John 12:4-6)?  Yet this,  oh Judas,  was a line crossed that he was unable to uncross.  Jesus tells him, “What you are about to do,  do quickly.”(:27) 

Beloved,  as you read, try imagining yourself as the characters. Personalize it so you can grow a little closer to how much Jesus loves you and how worthy he is of your praise. 🙌💝🙌

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