1 Samuel 22 With Bonus

Read 1 Samuel 22 – King Saul is a maniac.   He reminds me of the rock stars of the 70’s, living like they had no one to answer to,  full of abandon, destruction, and ego… except Saul takes his aggressions out on people, not just hotel rooms.   David is still in hiding, and many join him (22:2).  Saul questions the priests and orders his men to slaughter the them, but they refuse (22:15-17).  He orders Doeg, his chief shepherd to do it (we met him in 21:7).  Doeg kills 85 priests,  then seeks out their families and livestock.  Only one escapes, Abiathar, who runs to David and is offered protection(22:20-23).  My blood is boiling with outrage at the atrocities! 💔😡😭✝️😭😡💔 

Bonus edition:   SHEPHERDS

Jesus refers to himself as the Good Shepherd.   He says the sheep hear His voice and follow Him. See:  Matthew 10, John 10, Revelation 7.

King David was a shepherd.   Those days and nights in the field taught him to fight off attackers,  to rescue, to care for a flock and to ponder the mysteries of God. See 1 Samuel 16:11, 17:34-37, Psalm 23 

Doeg was a shepherd.   The same skills David used for good,  he used for evil when he slaughtered the priests and their families.   Evil will always try to imitate God. See 1 Samuel 21-22

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