1 Samuel 12

Read 1 Samuel 12 – Reflection can remind us of what is true,  of mistakes we don’t want to repeat, and reflection is a neon sign of God’s hand of protection over us.  Samuel is drawing the Israelites into a moment of reflection,  with a recount of their history as he steps into retirement. The Israelites realize asking for a king was essentially an abandonment of God and they were scared (12:19).  Samuel refocuses them with a piece of wisdom that still stands true:  “DON’T BE AFRAID, ” SAMUEL REASSURED THEM, “YOU HAVE CERTAINLY DONE WRONG, BUT MAKE SURE THAT NOW YOU WORSHIP THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND DON’T TURN YOUR BACK ON HIM. ”  Beloved,  whatever mistakes you’ve made,  no matter how many times you’ve veered off course, take hold of this wisdom.  The Lord’s mercies are new every morning.  😭🙏🏻🥰👑🥰☝️😭

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