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Psalm 23

Read Psalm 23 – The LORD is my shepherd. Okay, raise your hand if your grandmother made you memorize this. I hope your hand is raised, and if not, will you commit to memorizing it now? These 6 verses are excellent for navigating life in our fallen world with the Good Shepherd.

King David had a correct view of himself as a sheep, and the LORD as the shepherd. Remember, David was a shepherd; he knew a shepherd’s role and the needs of sheep. The LORD guides and guards his sheep. The shepherd is responsible for food, water, rest, care from sickness, and protection from attack when caring for the flock.

Okay, now re-read and pray through Psalm 23. “I shall not be in want.” :1 Lord, am I fully trusting you for all my needs? Show me my heart through your eyes…. (confess anything He brings to mind) Green pastures, still waters… offer gratitude for the Lord’s provision. Fear… what are you fearing? Get practical: is it a tax bill, a relationship, a promotion? Remind your fear how big your God is! Prepare a table… Thank God for knowing the plans he has for you, plans for your good and his glory. Goodness and love… Beloved, celebrate with the LORD that you don’t have to get tangled up in this world, his goodness and love follow you and ultimately you will dwell in the house of the LORD forever… In the New Testament, Paul says, “To live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21 As you view this life through the lens of God’s care and control, know that the best is yet to come. Your future is certain in Jesus Christ our Good Shepherd, and all the days leading up to that divine appointment are filled with meaning and purpose because you are His.

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John 2

Read John 2 – Like a groom inviting his bride to join him in life, Jesus invites us to join him in miracles. 

Jesus’s first recorded miracle is the turning of water into wine.  It’s a miracle and he could have accomplished it any number of ways, but he invites the servants into it.  He tells them to fill the jars with water, draw some out and present it to the master of ceremonies.  The servants got to join Jesus in this miracle, though I doubt they had an inkling as to what was going on.  Likewise, you are invited to join Jesus in wonderful things you may not understand this side of heaven.  

Next, Jesus clears the temple.  The temple had become a place for profit, when it should be a place of sacrifice and worship.  We see righteous anger here.  This was something foul in the temple and Jesus cleared it out.  In Jewish custom, before passover the house is cleaned so not a speck of dust remained – the dust being symbolic of leaven, and leaven being symbolic of sin. 

Invite Jesus to reveal anything in your life that is in need of cleaning so you are free to join him with a pure heart.💗