Daily Word

Psalm 148-150

Read Psalm 148-150 – Let’s finish BIG!  2020….2021…2022 Life is so uncertain, but God does not change.  Let’s close out this year with eyes on our Wonderful Lord.  Let’s celebrate, sing, make a joyful noise as we celebrate with praise and worship our Awesome Lord God Almighty!  Adonai, Yahweh, Jesus, our Banner, our Great High Priest, our Healer, our Great Physician…. Keep going with His names… celebrate the different facets of God through His many names… Beer Lahai Roi, the God Who Sees Me.  Emmanuel, God With Us.  Hosanna…. Notice how David draws in every created thing in 148 to praise the LORD: all angels, all the armies of heaven, sun, moon, twinkling stars, skies, vapors, ocean creatures, elements of fire, hail, snow, clouds, wild animals, kings, judges, all people… look around and give glory and praise to God for everything you see – it is all from Him.  In Psalm 149, David urges us to sing a new song.  Beloved, may your adoration and praise for God be your new song.  FOR THE LORD DELIGHTS IN HIS PEOPLE; HE CROWNS THE HUMBLE WITH VICTORY.  LET THE FAITHFUL REJOICE THAT HE HONORS THEM.  LET THEM SING FOR JOY AS THEY LIE ON THEIR BEDS. 149:4-5  When I was a child, we would bang pots and pans together at midnight on New Years Eve – making a joyful noise to ring in the new year… I didn’t understand it as a song of worship to God, the one who makes all things possible!  But I do now, and you can be sure, there will be celebration with purpose tonight.  PRAISE HIM WITH A CLASH OF CYMBALS; PRAISE HIM WITH LOUD CLANGING CYMBALS.  LET EVERYTHING THAT HAS BREATH SING PRAISES TO THE LORD! 150:6  Happy New Year, Beloved.  Thank you for walking with me through God’s Word.  It is such a privilege for us all that He lets us know Him by it.  Tomorrow, we will start at the beginning with Genesis.  Praise the LORD! 🙌🙌🙌💖🙌🙌🙌