Daily Word

Matthew 26

Read Matthew 26 – To be humble is to have strength restrained. Jesus, our Lord and Savior, shows us ultimate humility in our chapter. 

As you read, think about Jesus the man, who fully knew and understood the sacrifice that lay before him on this night.  Read these verses and listen like you would if a friend were telling you the story. 

In verses :9-13 Jesus includes the precious moment when a woman comes in and pours expensive perfume on his head. The disciples are indignant and Jesus stops them, calling what she did a beautiful thing. 

Beloved, Jesus cares about every act of love towards him. 

The night progresses, the disciples are told one of them will betray Jesus and all of them will fall away before the night is through. :21-35.  The act we call Communion, is recorded for the first time in :26-29 (it’s also recorded in Mark 14, Luke 22 and 1 Corinthians 11).  May Jesus explaining it here in Scripture always echo in your heart when you take Communion. 

Jesus’s prediction to Peter is very special to me… I’ll share on that tomorrow. 

Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, asking the disciples to watch and pray, but they kept falling asleep… :36-46. He is betrayed by Judas’ kiss, arrested and handed over to the council.  :47-68. Beloved,  this is BIG stuff.   What pierced your heart as you read what our Savior did for you? 

Daily Word

Mark 14:1-26

Reflections on Mark 14:1-26 – Beloved, we are blessed with the ability to take our time, so let’s spend more than one day in Chapter 14.
Meet the woman with the alabaster jar of perfume. Mark does not name her, but in the book of John we are told she is Mary, the sister to Lazarus and Martha (John 11:2). She was praised once before for sitting at Jesus’s feet, and now she is being praised for anointing his head with this expensive perfume. Mary had a special love for Jesus and she was never hindered to show him love, although some of the men at the table didn’t like her actions (:4-5). When they begin to scold her, Jesus tells them to leave her alone, and gives a few reasons why. May you remember her, and remember that your acts of love for Jesus, no matter how big or small, all are seen and priceless to Jesus.

Judas agrees to betray Jesus (:10-11). It breaks my heart that those entrusted to keep and teach the Word of God and the one who walked with the living Word Himself, conspired against Him. It says the religious leaders were ‘delighted’… that is such a lovely word, but their delight was purely sinister. It says Judas ‘began looking’ for an opportunity to betray Jesus…. Beloved, the anticipation to do evil can be titillating… the devil whispers and entices, don’t fall prey to his schemes. Once one acts on sin, the enticing whispers become damning condemnation.

In Judaism, there are seven main festivals. I once did a study on the festivals and discovered that the spring festivals all point to Jesus’s first coming and the fall festivals point to His second. Amazing, right? Everything the Lord calls us to has a multidimensional quality.

Our chapter began two days before Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread (:1). This is a precious detail because the Passover celebration is both a remembrance of when the Lord sent the plague to Israel, killing all the first born, but ‘passed over’ the Israelite homes marked with the blood of the lamb (see Exodus 12), AND it is a dress rehearsal of Jesus’s life and atonement for sinners like me and you! This Passover meal in particular is known as The Last Supper, where Jesus gives instruction on Holy Communion (:22-25).

I would love to go on and on, but my purpose is to encourage you to read the Bible for yourself. Happy reading!

Daily Word

John 12

Read John 12 – Moments of eternal significance – we often miss them.  There are words and events that linger for years, yet in the moment they seem simply ordinary or even odd.  Mary washed Jesus’ feet with perfume and her own hair; Jesus knew the significance of this while the others missed it entirely.  Judas only saw his own ill gotten gain being wasted (12:1-8). 

We can look with hindsight at Jesus’ triumphant entry in to Jerusalem, when the people lined the streets with palms and shouted, “Hosanna in the hightest!  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” (12:12-15).  Notice that even the disciples missed the significance of this moment, :16.  

We get another moment of MAGNITUDE in vs :28-30… God spoke from heaven and the people heard it, yet many dismissed it as simple thunder. 

Beloved, pray your heart would be prepared and tuned in to the divine!  Jesus says, “Those who walk in the darkness cannot see where they are going.  Put your trust in the light while there is still time; then you will become children of the light,” :35b-36.  God is at work all around you. ✋👀👂💖👂👀✋