Daily Word

John 15

Read John 15 – My Grandpa was a master pruner.  When he was finished, I would actually feel sorry for the poor trees.  They looked so naked with exposed stumps for limbs.  Yet come spring, vibrant fruit, apricots, peaches, plums, would appear. 

When the Lord prunes ones life, it can feel like amputation; it can hurt.  Yet there is redemptive purpose to every cut the Lord allows.  Jesus tells us to remain in him and we will bear much fruit(:5).  Jesus tells us these things so we will be filled with HIS joy, JOY that overflows(:11)! 

Beloved, will you trust Jesus when the painful trials come?  Will you lean into his love and look for this overflowing joy?  The world will come against you because it hated Jesus first(:18).  Don’t be surprised, hold fast to Jesus and lead your life with love.💞🌳🍇📖🍉🌳💕