Daily Word

Genesis 37

Read Genesis 37 – Beloved, you are seen; you are precious and useful to God; the biggest challenges of your life are molding and shaping you for divine purposes.  You are loved.  May you learn and relearn all this and more from Joseph. 

We begin when Joseph is 17 and like most of us at that age, he wants to fit in.  He is the 11th son to his father, Jacob, and first born to his mother, Rachel. He is his father’s favorite, and his brothers hated him for that.  :1-4

He has a dream one night, and tells his brothers about it.  In the dream, they bow down to him.  You can imagine how well this goes over. 

One day, Joseph is coming out to where the brothers are working and they conspire to kill him. Then changed their mind to throw him down an empty well because they did not want his blood on their hands.  Then they rethink that plan and sell him into slavery to a passing caravan.  :18-28  They bring back false evidence to make their father believe he has been eaten by wild animals… in other words, his situation is humanly hopeless.  No one is going to come looking for him.  But notice how God’s hand of protection was over him.  The Lord did not allow his brothers to kill him.  The Lord did not allow him to be harmed by the slave traders and the Lord planted Joseph in the service to Potiphar, the captain of the guard for Pharaoh.  There’s much more to his story, but for today, Beloved, whatever you’ve faced in life, especially the hard parts, will you pray to see it through God’s lense?🌈🧥💤💖☝️🙏😍