Daily Word


Today is a transition day.   We will move into the Gospel of Luke tomorrow.   It is in the New Testament, right before John.  The first 4 books of the New Testament are written by Apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, making them eyewitness accounts.  Each one has a slightly different flavor, much like the eyewitness accounts police officers sift through when trying to learn what happened.  People much wiser than I am have  categorized the books – revealing Jesus as Messiah, Servant, Son of God, and Son of Man.  They tell what Jesus said, did, felt and was. (I’m sending a chart)  I was going to head back into the Old Testament,  but sometimes the Lord changes my plans.  Beloved, my desire is for you to fall deeper in love and awe of our Savior, Jesus Christ, with every chapter. 💖 🤟🙏👑🙏🙌💝

Eyewitness Testimony