Daily Word

Genesis 15

Read Genesis 15 – After these things… after saving Lot,  after meeting Melchizedek,  after turning down the spoils offered by the king of Sodom,  the Word of the LORD came to Abram.  Yes, Beloved, that is our God.   He knew Abrams heart needed encouragement, and He had beautiful, wonderful things to say.   So often, after great things happen, we humans let worries in. 

God assured Abram that He would be his shield.  He reminded Abram that he would have offspring as numerous as the stars. Abram and Sarai were already quite old, babies would be impossible, but not for God.

After verse :9. things get weird by our standards, but these acts seal God’s covenant with Abram.  The animals were split in two and both parties were to walk between them, restating the terms. Abram walked through, then God waited for evening, and passed through as a smoking oven and a burning torch…. This is brimming with so much symbolism; if you can,  peek a commentary on it. 

And for now,  Beloved,  KNOW that God’s promises are certain.  Jesus is our seal.  May your faith be resolute. ☁️🔥🔰👑🔰🔥☁️