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Matthew 20

Read Matthew 20 – It’s not fair; it is grace.  The economy of Jesus is based on who he is and not what we do.  It is very strange to us earthlings.  In Christ, we get his mercy and not what we deserve. 

The parable of the vineyard workers displays this concept in verses :1-16.  All the workers get fair pay of a day’s wage whether they worked all day, or only showed up at the end.  How did you feel about this?  Were you happy to see those hired on last getting paid as if they had worked all day?  Did your heart expect those hired first to get a bit extra?  

Jesus predicts his death again.  Beloved, there are things going on all around us as we navigate life in this broken world, but one thing remains the most important – Jesus lived, bled, died and was resurrected so that we could have eternal life with him.  Whatever is happening in your life right now, do not get too far away from the loving truth of the Cross.

Jesus asks a question, “What do you want?” He first asks James and John’s mother :21, and then he asks the blind men :32.  

The mother does not understand what she is asking for and Jesus tells her exactly that.  The motive was wrong; it was essentially for prestige. Jesus said NO.  Can you think of a time Jesus said NO to you?  It doesn’t take much hindsight to know what a blessing a NO is!

Now the blind men stirred Jesus’ heart to compassion.  They received the blessing of sight they asked for and their response is wonderful.  Verse :34 concludes with, “Instantly they could see!  Then they followed him.”  

Beloved, may this wake you up to the joy of your Salvation!  You are saved, follow Jesus in gratitude for this gift that he earned on the Cross and freely gave to you.

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Matthew 8

Read Matthew 8 – Life with Jesus is unique to the individual. Our chapter gives us great details on the healing of 5 specific people from very different walks of life; all healed by Jesus in different ways. Beloved, may this remind you that you aren’t like anyone else. Jesus loves you and wants to care for you uniquely and specifically and all that is needed on your part is faith.

Verse :3 is so loving, the first thing Jesus did to heal the leper was touch him. This man would have been such an outcast. It may have been years since he felt human touch, and Jesus touched him and commanded, “Be clean!” And the man was healed of his leprosy. Then Jesus instructed him not to tell anyone, but to show himself to the priest and offer the gift commanded by the law. This would have restored the man within society, healing him emotionally after the years of living “unclean”. Beloved, Jesus never heals ‘just a little’. Jesus restored this man’s life on every level with this short encounter.

Jesus notes that not everyone is ready to follow him with the examples of the teacher of law, the man who wanted to bury his father first (incidentally, this was an expression that the man was not ready yet to follow Jesus. His father may have been years or even decades away from death), and even the entire town of Gadarenes, who pleaded with Jesus to leave in response to his healing the two demon possessed men.

As you read through these accounts of Jesus, ask yourself which situation is closest to your heart. Are you ready to trust Jesus with every aspect of your life? Is there a need you are holding back from him? What is the Holy Spirit saying to you in Matthew 8?