1 Peter 2

Read 1 Peter 2 – YOU are God’s chosen people – now clean it up!  Beloved, recognize the amazingness of who you are in Christ and do everything you can to live up to it – everyday.  

Peter is giving such solid advice to the region, and it is timeless wisdom for us too.  Get rid of all evil behavior – crave spiritual milk – grow into the full experience of Salvation (2:1-2)!  Jesus is our cornerstone and anyone who trusts in Him will not be disgraced (2:6).  Keep away from worldly desires that wage war against your very soul(2:11).  Remember, these people were facing persecution and Peter instructs them to submit to it.  

God calls us to do good and represent Him well, even in suffering.  Look to Jesus as your example in 2:22-25.  Live like you are God’s treasure, because you are!  No matter the circumstances, guard against insecurity, pride, fear or anything that would dim the light of Jesus in you.💖