Daily Word

Matthew 7

Read Matthew 7 – Boundaries – Don’t get lost. Live wise, examine yourself and walk close to Jesus as he gives us some boundaries for life.

I was a little confused between :1 ‘Judge not’, and :6 ‘Don’t give dogs what is holy’. There has to be some judgment in order to know who the dogs and pigs are, right? So I looked to the commentators and found David Guzik gave me understanding, “Our love for others must not blind us to their hardened rejection of the good news of the kingdom…. The Christian is called to show unconditional love, but the Christian is not called to unconditional approval.”

We live in trying times, and the world likes to tell us we are judgmental for upholding biblical values. We must not let the lines get blurry lest we divert from the narrow gate. Jesus says, “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.” :13

And how about when he says we are to ask, seek and knock? (:7-11) Boundaries dictate that we must ask… the kingdom of heaven is not the default. We must seek and knock… we don’t just get in, there is a door. Jesus cautions us in verses :21-23 that many will assume they are getting into heaven, they will knock, only to be told the truth by Jesus, “I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.” :23

Our chapter ends telling us the crowds were astonished at the authoritative way Jesus taught. May each of us be astonished as well and take his words to heart. JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. ❤

Daily Word

Psalm 35

Read Psalm 35 – It all comes down to relationship, not religion. This Psalm felt somewhat like I was eavesdropping on David’s lunch date with God. He is so transparent in his need and desired outcome.

The Lord is teaching us about the relationship he longs for in this Psalm. Notice how specific David is. He asks the LORD to contend with those who contend with him in verse :1. That is somewhat general, but he goes on to say, “Take up shield and armor; arise and come to my aid. Brandish spear and javelin against those who pursue me.” :2-3. That is quite specific.

Beloved, when you pray be specific. If you pray vague prayers, how will you even know if they’ve been answered?

We had quite an adventure landing in Costa Rica on Monday. There was a heavy rain cloud over the airport forcing us to circle for a bit in hopes of it moving on. This monster cloud was so low and treacherous that the runway was too dark and slippery to safely set down our plane. David prayed that against his enemies, “May their path be dark and slippery, with the angel of the LORD pursuing them.” :6 (side note, we did land safely about 30 minutes late… praise God, no need to divert to San Jose for fuel!)

David goes on in his petition then says something curious. “Then my soul will rejoice in the LORD and delight in His salvation.” :9 The way I relate to this is how much sweeter our landing was, knowing God answered many prayers and showed us favor. An uneventful landing would not have stirred the round of joy and delight this one did. My pilots are extremely talented, but they cannot move the weather.

As you consider David needs, consider your own. What is the last answered prayer you can recall? Are you aware of who you are praying to? Words of praise and adoration will get your heart in a right place, and your words will be a light for others.

“My tongue will proclaim your righteousness, your praises all day long. ” :28