Daily Word

Matthew 21

Read Matthew 21 – Joyful and triumphant – Beloved, this is the only time our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was recognized by the masses and honored. It is a beautiful scene to picture as the crowds carpeted the road with their cloaks and branches for Jesus.

I get excited by the missing information in :2-3…. Did Jesus have a conversation with the donkeys owner? Were these details worked out in heaven or on earth? Verse :4 says this was the fulfillment of prophecy…. And we know God works outside of time, so maybe all of these details came together way back then?

Heaven is an awesome thing to contemplate. Will it be a grand storytime where details come together in perpetual awe? Will we simply know in an instant? Wondering about it makes me feel like I did as a child counting down the days until Christmas!

Scripture soon changes from celebration to housekeeping as Jesus clears the Temple of those with corrupt purposes (:12-13). And he gives serious warnings about future housekeeping in the encounter with the fruitless fig tree and the wicked tenant parable.

And in between, people keep flocking to him in passionate need of healing. And our precious Savior healed them (:14). Beloved, can you imagine the teaching they would have heard just by being in his presence?

What captured your heart in Matthew 21?

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