Daily Word

Psalm 1

Find Psalm – The book of Psalm is a look at the relationship between the human heart and the LORD. You will be stirred. You will see emotions displayed in beautiful words. I read up on how to read this book and there are many ways. It can be divided into 5 sections and the more I tried to figure it out the more confused I got. My calling is to keep things simple and simply read God’s Word. So that’s what we will do, just read and trust the Holy Spirit to meet us as he sees fit.

First, you need to find Psalm. Close your bible and divide it into thirds, Psalm is right about at the ⅓ rd mark. It is after Job and before Proverbs. You may have some commentary from whoever put your bible together and reading that may benefit you. Many people contributed to the book, David, Asaph, the sons of Korah, Solomon, Herman, Ethan, Moses and 51 of them are anonymous.

Okay, ready for a taste? Read Psalm 1. Notice the progression of sin, blessed is the man who does not walk, stand, sit in the counsel of the wicked. Each step is a bit more comfortable, and that is usually the way sin works, casually becoming more familiar. (:1) Moving on, blessed is the man who delights and meditates on the Law of the LORD… as we are doing! (:2)

Beloved, that is enough for today. May your heart sit with the idea of being a well watered tree.

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