Daily Word

Deuteronomy 27

Read Deuteronomy 27 – Nothing fancy, just the facts –
First, the altar was to be nothing fancy. The Israelites were to build an altar to the LORD with large, natural stones. They were not to cut them, but they were to plaster them. Picture it – this humble altar dressed in plaster would not distract with proud craftsmanship as so many churches do. One would not get lost with thoughts of the builder and admiration for the structure. One would focus on the purity of the LORD they were standing before.
Second, they were to write all the commands the LORD had given them on the white stones, just the facts and nothing more. When I need to learn something, I read it, then I write it down. The act of writing solidifies the words in me as it would have for these leaders of Israel. And seeing these commandments written boldly on the white stones would draw generations to come to the seriousness of them.
Next we have instructions for half the tribes to go on one mountain top, Gerizim, and the other half to stand on Mount Ebal. Those on Gerizim were to call out the blessings of the LORD. Those on Mount Ebal were to call out the curses of the LORD. This setting creates a natural amphitheater, and hearing the spoken commands in this manner must have been so profound that those in attendance would never forget. Plus, after each blessing/curse, the people were to call out, “Amen”. Amen means “so be it”; the people were to commit to honor these commandments with their verbal agreement.
Before I close, I would like to offer the reminder that believers today are not under the law as these ancient people were. They were required to keep the law perfectly. We are blessed because of our standing in Jesus Christ. The curse we deserve was laid upon him. There will be consequences for our sin, but the condemnation we deserve was paid in full by Jesus. Hallelujah and amen!

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