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Deuteronomy 8

Read Deuteronomy 8 – Remember that it is the LORD who provides.  Do not lose your way on the stumbling blocks of pride.  The LORD cautions the people to be careful and obey all the commands he is giving them today.  And He gives a reason why:  “Then you will live and multiply, and you will enter and occupy the land the LORD swore to give your ancestors.” :1

He goes on to say their time in the wilderness was a time of testing, when God humbled them by letting them hunger, then feeding them manna.  He taught them that “man does not live by bread alone; rather we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD.” :3

Jesus used this verse when Satan tempted Him to turn the rocks into bread just as we are wise to use Scripture to stand against the attacks of the enemy. (see Matthew 4/Luke 4)

God explains that He acts as a parent disciplining a child, for your own good. :5

Beloved, each of us is wise to note the danger of good times, when life is abundant.  This is a gift from God, but a lack of gratitude makes us easy prey for pride to steal our hearts away.  Why don’t you offer a prayer of thanksgiving today, remembering all the blessings God has given you.

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