Daily Word

Deuteronomy 2

Read Deuteronomy 2 – Hindsight is a wonderful thing.   Moses continues speaking to the Israelites about the wilderness years.   The Lord instructed them when it was time to move on and how they were to treat the neighboring regions.  They were to use utmost respect when it came to Esau’s descendants in the land of Seir, and with the  Moabites in the land of Moab.  These were people the Lord had established and He was not giving the Israelites a foot of their land (:5, :9).  

We discover an element of mystery as the giants of old are mentioned…. The Emites, the Anakites, the Rephaites, the Horites, the Zamzummites and others.  The bible doesn’t say much about them beyond this,  and we certainly don’t see them walking around today. 

Moses covers a 38 year period from the time they left Kadesh-Barnea until they entered the Zered Valley.  He explains that is how long it took the generation of fighting men to perish (again, that is the group who we learned about in yesterday’s chapter 1).

They were to continue Ar, dealing fairly with the Ammonites as to not provoke war.   Are you catching the way the Israelites are being obedient to the Lord now?   There were over a million Israelites by estimates… the numbers were in their favor, but because God said Don’t,  they didn’t. 

At last,  the Lord told them to go to Heshbon, as He was giving that land to them. The Lord hardened King Sihon’s heart against Israel.  War was waged and land was conquered.

Beloved, hindsight can tell you so much about the Lord. You can see your answered prayers, yes’s and no’s. You can see His love, protection and mercy. What does the summary of His hand over your life include? 

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