Daily Word

Mark 15

Read Mark 15 – “For he realized by now that the leading priests had arrested Jesus out of envy,” :10 – Envy is admiration mixed with discontent, and Pilate understood that was the reason Jesus was sent to him… he knew Jesus was innocent and tried to free Him by the tradition of releasing a prisoner before Passover.  Ultimately, Pilate chose approval ratings over justice when the crowd shouted for Barabbas’s release and Jesus’s crucifixion.  Beloved, be on guard against envy, and the desire for approval.  Both are at play here as we see one wrong followed up by another.  

Meanwhile, Jesus is silent.  He was flogged (the whip had lead tipped pieces on the ends meant to tear the flesh from his body), and mocked by the soldiers.  In fact, they did some odd and horrendous things to Jesus, dressing him in a purple robe, giving him a crown of thorns, mock praising Him as King of the Jews, and more.  The Roman soldiers would not have known the prophecies they were fulfilling with their cruelty. Check out Isaiah 53 in the Old Testament.

Nothing that is happening to our Savior, Jesus, is a surprise to Him, and as things play out we can better comprehend why Jesus prayed so earnestly in the garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:32-40).  May your gratitude grow each time you see the punishment Jesus took on for you.  

It was 9 am when Jesus was hung on the cross with a sign above him stating his crime, “King of the Jews”. :25-26  At noon, darkness fell over the land, and at 3 pm… six agonizing hours later, Jesus cried out, asking God why he had forsaken him. :34  It is stated in the original language and explained.  

Beloved, the scripture reference numbers, such as Mark 15:34, etc, were added to the Bible later, but in Jesus’s time a few words would indicate the passage.  Jesus’s final words can be found in Psalm 22 as prophecy is again fulfilled.  More prophetic, supernatural, and precious things can be discovered throughout Chapter 15.  Will you step up to the extra credit assignment today and also read Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22?  There is so much to be gained in seeing the prophecy given hundreds of years beforehand, fulfilled by Jesus.  May God bless you with wisdom and insight.

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