Daily Word

Mark 13

Reflections on Mark 13 – Jesus speaks of end times events in our chapter.

Now, Jesus had just left the Temple where he tossed the tables and chased out the rotten eggs when one of the disciples said,  “Teacher, look at these magnificent buildings! Look at the impressive stones in the walls. ” Perhaps he was wanting to calm Jesus down after the excitement.

Jesus responds with news they could not have anticipated.   The Temple would be destroyed without a stone standing. 

Later, Peter, James, John and Andrew asked to know more. Jesus cautions them to not be deceived, many would come pretending to be Him. :6. There will be wars and rumors of war (:7), earthquakes and famines(8).  And yes, these things have always happened, but the frequency will increase like never before.  That won’t mean the end, but it will build like birth pains.

The biggest caution comes in verse :14, when we see the abomination that causes desolation, spoken of in the Old Testament prophecy of Daniel.   Jesus said then it’s time to run for the hills (:14). 

Beloved, I cannot comprehend how bad this will be. Verse: 20 tells us not a single person would survive unless the Lord shortened those days.  Most importantly, Jesus tells us to keep watch and be ready,  (:35-37).

This is a tough chapter; no one wants to consider hard times.  But being unaware is worse, like a doctor withholding a bad diagnosis to spare hurting your feelings.  One must be aware.  One must make preparations.  We are all accountable to the preparation of telling others.  We are all accountable to love the Lord with our whole hearts.  We all would be wise to not hold on to the things of this world too tightly because our time here is short. 

Beloved, may you be encouraged by this chapter to live more fully, to love others wholeheartedly, and seek to know Jesus more, both in knowledge (The Word) and love (your personal relationship with Him/prayer), each and every day.

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