Daily Word

Mark 5

Reflections on Mark 5 – Faith and authority – Jesus has the authority to deliver those who cannot ask for themselves.  And faith moves Jesus to heal. 

It had been quite a crossing as Jesus and the disciples reached the other shore after the great storm that caused the disciples to fear for their lives in the night.  They arrive in the region of Gadarenes, discovering a demon possessed man right away.  The demons bow before Jesus and speak through the man.  That’s weird, right?  Remember, the demon’s knew exactly who Jesus was long before the people did (see James 2:19).  It’s also interesting that the man wanted to follow Jesus after being delivered from the demons, but the townspeople wanted him to leave.  That is very sad; rejection of Jesus is always very sad. But hope is not lost for them as Jesus tells the man, no, and instructs him to instead stay and share his testimony with everyone.  Scripture records that the people were amazed by his tale of all that Jesus did for him!  Beloved, sharing your testimony is what you are called to do.  Share with others what the Lord has done in and for you.

Jesus travels back across the lake where a great crowd has gathered.  Jairus, the synagogue leader, asks Jesus to heal his sick daughter.  But on the way a great crowd was pressing in on him, and a woman in the crowd thought in her heart… “If I can just touch the hem of his garment, I will be healed,” :29  She reached out in faith and was indeed healed on the spot.  This poor woman had spent everything trying to be healed.  Bleeding meant she was unclean and would not have been allowed into the synagogue, and was a social outcast.  Imagine how her life changed when she was healed, and Jesus stopped everything to ask, “Who touched my robe?” :30  Imagine the courage it took her, this marginalized, suffering, outcast woman to speak up – Scripture records she came forward, frightened and bowing down to Jesus.  And He responded to her with the most beautiful, life affirming words before everyone in the crowd.

Beloved, we’ve read who Jesus was to the demon possessed man, to Jairus and his daughter, and to the woman who touched His garment.  Who is Jesus to you?

Read Mark Chapter 6.

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