Journal Journey's

Journal Journey’s

Africa 2017


Today is the 14th of September 2017 and I am in Kenya, Africa.  I am on day 4 of these incredible travels to mark my 50th birthday – still 5 weeks away, but why not close out my 40’s well?

I feel like I am off to a late start – it’s been such a whirlwind of travel, but at last a peaceful moment here at the Nairobi Safari Park Hotel.  

My hotel reminds me of my travels to Magadan, Russia, in my early flying days during the 90’s.  She is well worn in places, but the opulence of her history shines through the weariness.

I was surprised to learn that she opened in 1985.  I thought she was centuries old, but 1985 – how perfect, right?  It was the year I graduated high school, and here we are meeting again.

But I am ahead of myself – Day 4 is no place to begin a tale… let me back up.

My colleague, Aisha, has been telling me about her homeland for years – always concluding with, “You should go.”

“One day, one day,” I would respond.

This is a decade birthday – a perfect time to reflect and plan.  It’s so easy to let the years come and go without thought, but decade birthdays are thinking years.    

So, I jumped at the notion that ‘one day’ would be the marker for 50.  I was going to Africa!

Two of my work friends were of like mind and had been planning the trip to mark their 30th and 60th birthdays – Cody, and Diane.  Our dear friend Eileen also recognized the need – the desire – the calling to be changed by travel and enlisted as well.  We committed to Aisha and began making plans.

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