Journal Journey's

Africa – 2017, Day 4

Day 4

We rejoined Joseph and went to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to learn about and enjoy the orphaned elephants that they provide safe haven for until they can be released back into the wild. 

We exited a few hours later with our hearts warmed by all that we saw and learned, and next went to the Giraffe Centre.  

It was another amazing experience – we were given pellets to hand feed these graceful giants.  Long black tongues carefully reached for the inch long pieces of food one at a time.  As we got braver (Cody first) we placed the pellet in our lips and received giraffe kisses!  It was such a delight.

Cody, our researcher, then discovered Nairobi Mamba Village, a crocodile park nearby so we went and learned about them, turtles and ostrich’s as well – and yes, a few of us blew kisses to them too. 

Attempting to kiss a turtle proved to be a memorable experience for me.  He looked deep into my eyes, stretched out his curios neck… and shot a stream of urine all down by blouse!  Turtles were my least favorite of the day.

We had a quiet dinner at the hotel that night.  It took such a long time to cook!  Aisha offered to help in the kitchen… perhaps our western standards were getting a reality check.   It proved worth the wait for the parmesan risotto and multitude of vegetables – each prepared in excellence of spice and flavor.

Early to bed, early to rise.  Tanzania was waiting for us.

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