Daily Word

Genesis 42

Read Genesis 42 – When dreams come true –

It all came to pass just as the dream indicated.  Joseph was prudent to do what he suggested and now has abundant grain to keep the whole world fed during the famine.  People everywhere were starving, including Jacob and his family.  Imagine Joseph, or Zaphenhath-paneah as he was known in Egypt, receiving people far and wide, bringing him all their possessions for grain, all day, every day.  Then one day in the routine of it all, 10 brothers approach, his very own brothers. 

Picture Joseph, remember the first thing Pharaoh did was have him change his clothes (41:14).  Joseph must have looked very Egyptian in attire and mannerisms, even having an interpreter while he spoke in the local dialect.  :23  He recognized his brothers, but they did not recognize him.  Joseph accused them of being spies.  He imprisoned them for three days.  Then he comes up with this crazy requirement that they are to bring the youngest brother back.  I think he was buying time while he processed his emotions. 

I think it must have been fun to mess with his brothers in this way too.  That’s what I think, but the bible only gives us the details, so that is only my own conclusion.  What do you think as you take in this unusual turn of events? 

Meanwhile, what is exposed in Jacob is most tragic.  His grief still lingers for Joseph, and we see it here in his protection of Benjamin in :38.  If only he could have Joseph’s faith that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for them (wisdom from Romans 8:28).  Yet, Beloved, he will soon enough!

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