Daily Word

Genesis 19:1-16

Read Genesis 19:1-16 – God is good, all the time.  And all the time, God is good.  I think that is an especially important reminder as we read these verses.  

The LORD heard the outcry against Sodom and was coming to investigate; we read that yesterday in 18:20-21.  He is traveling in a trio, and two of them are in Sodom when Lot finds them. 

Lot urges them to come to his home, and when they get there, the men of the town, young and old, gather around Lot’s house.  They call to Lot, insisting the men come out so they can have sex with them, :5. 

Let’s pause and consider what this reveals.  Lot was sitting at the city gate.  That is where the older men would counsel, administer and rule over smaller legal matters.  Lot being there implies he was a town elder.  When Lot saw the men he knew they were important and would not be safe in town. 

Now, consider the townsmen.  They were perfectly comfortable insisting on gang-raping these visitors even though they were under the protection of Lot.  This is a level of depravity gone rampant. 

Lot offers his virgin daughters instead of the men :8.  Beloved, there is no defending this, but we must respect that the bible does not sugar-coat human nature. 

By vs :10, we see the LORD’s rescue for Lot, and his family, when the men pull them inside, shut the door and supernaturally strike the townsmen with blindness.  The men/angels have seen all they need to make the decision to destroy the town.  They tell Lot to gather his family.  His sons-in-law thought he was joking, and the bible even records that Lot “dallied”, so the angels had to grab him and his family by the hand and flee :16. 

Beloved, we are stopping here today.  It is important to let the weight of what transpired sink in, and the rest of the chapter is also heavy.  Lot had the first choice on where to live (Genesis 10:10-13).  He originally chose to live in the valley, but now we see him living in town.  Sin is like that… it will draw a person in so gradually they don’t even realize they are caught in a web.  The angels expressed urgency, yet no one else seemed in a hurry.  Beloved, Jesus stands at the door and knocks.  He doesn’t want anyone to perish, but all to have eternal life through Salvation in Him.  But that door will not remain open forever.  There will come a time when God recognizes that the last possible sinner has been saved, and then the time for judgment will be here.  Do not dally, and do not be shy to share.  ⏳☄⌛☝⌛🔥⏳

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