Daily Word

Genesis 10

Read Genesis 10 – They certainly got the “be fruitful and multiply” commands figured out!  

I understand that genealogy can be hard to read.  There is an easy way to read this, whereby you simply read the words,  check the box, and go on with your day.   And if that’s where you’re at, just hold on to the truth that God’s Word does not go out void.  The Holy Spirit will remind you as time comes of all you need to know.

And if you are more scholarly, I can only encourage you to seek the theologians (not me)  as you unwrap the Table of Nations, Nimrod, Peleg, and the others.   The scholars can tell you what these ancient names represent in modern day.  They can break down the significance of Nimrod.  He is the villain, a very, very bad guy, as we will discover in chapter 11.  And, OH! Nineveh – terrible and wonderful things happen there too. 

Beloved,  chapter 10 is positively incredible. I’m so thrilled for you for sticking with it!  📚 🤗📖☝📖🤗📚  

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