Daily Word

Genesis 7

Read Genesis 7 – Noah, Noah, Noah.  My son is named Noah.  I didn’t know much about the bible back then, but I did know that Noah of the bible is known for doing what he was told. 

You may think you know Noah too, the ark, the flood, and the animals – two by two.  Read chapter 7 with fresh eyes for any details you may have missed in Sunday school. 

Verse :1, God tells Noah to get on the boat with his family, as the LORD knows that Noah is righteous.  The population had gotten so lost in their sin, and ONLY Noah was righteous. 

God says to take seven pairs, male and female, of animals He has approved for sacrifice, :2.  So, even though they were going on this extraordinary voyage, provisions were made to continue the sacrifice. 

In verse :4, God says the rain will start in 7 days, lasting 40 days and 40 nights.  As you continue, do the math on how long Noah and his family were on the Ark. 

Verse :11, tells us this flood was more than rain.  Remember, the earth was watered from the underground springs (Gen 2:5-6), well now those springs were erupting everywhere!  Rain from above, erupting springs from below, it was catastrophic. 

Verse :16 has a fascinating detail – it says:   THEN THE LORD CLOSED THE DOOR BEHIND THEM.  That is how personal God is.  He closed the door, sealing them in the ark and everyone else out; Salvation for Noah and his family – condemnation for everyone else.  Beloved, Jesus offers Salvation.  Right now the door is open, but one day it will be closed.  Revelation 3:7b reminds us:  WHAT HE OPENS, NO ONE CAN CLOSE; AND WHAT HE CLOSES, NO ONE CAN OPEN. 

Chapter 7 closes with the fact that the flood waters covered the earth for 150 days… that’s a lot more than 40 days and 40 nights on the boat… and no one is off the boat yet, tune in tomorrow!  (or read ahead now – it’s fascinating, right???)🌧🌧🌧🙏🌧🌧🌧

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