Daily Word

Acts 21

Read Acts 21 – I remember being pregnant. (my son teased me and said I lost my entire make audience with this opener. Stay with me, Gents!) It was such an incredible time, filled with joy at the creation taking place inside me, and dreams of what my little girl, then my little boy, would be like.  But delivery bewildered me.  How was this giant baby going to come out?  I knew women much weaker than me did it – and did it more than once – but logically, it was a scary thought!  I see a similarity in Paul’s purpose.  He has the beautiful Gospel to share, yet many prophets tell him it will be difficult for him in Jerusalem.  He will be bound.  He will be turned over to the Gentiles.  The believers begged him not to go, :11-12.  Paul accepted that he was risking jail and even death, but it was for the sake of the Lord Jesus, and he would not be persuaded otherwise. 

Beloved, don’t let hard things scare you away from doing whatever the Lord lays on your heart to do. 

Sure enough, Paul arrives in Jerusalem and meets with James and all the elders of the Jerusalem church.  He gives a detailed account to them, and I found myself wondering if this was the very account that Luke used to write Acts.  (21:19) 

Paul soon gets arrested, a riot ensues, and that is where he gets his platform to address the crowd with the Roman commander’s protection… Our chapter ends with that cliffhanger.   The Bible is exciting! I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow – 😍☝💯

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