Daily Word

Acts 19

Read Acts 19 – Paul is on his third missionary journey. 

Let’s recall that Paul was a Pharisee; he would have known the Torah by heart (that is the first 5 books of the Old Testament).  He had a unique and dramatic conversion to Christianity by Jesus; and it is estimated that he spent about 10 years getting solid in his faith before his first missionary journey. 

Early in my walk with Jesus, I felt so inadequate.  I wanted to share like Paul, but I didn’t know God’s Word so well.  My friend reminded me that Paul didn’t just walk out of the house on Straight Street (Acts 9:11) and set sail.  The Holy Spirit took his time preparing him. 

Beloved, that same Holy Spirit is walking this journey within you as well.  You may not be aware of all he is preparing you for, just trust that Jesus has your life in his hand and you are important in your own way for the work he designed you for. 

…And now a little highlight from our passage:  Sometimes obstacles will attack your faith that have nothing to do with you. 

In verses :23-41 there is an encounter stirred up by a silversmith named Demetrius.  He manufactures silver shrines for the Greek goddess, Artemis, and Paul preached that handmade god’s weren’t really gods at all, :26.  Demetrius presented his greed as false concern for Artemis, and gathered a riot against Paul and those with him.  The town was thrown into confusion.  In fact, most of them didn’t know why they were there, :33.  The mayor is able to halt the frenzy with a call to logic.  This is a matter for the courts, not mob justice. 

Beloved, when revival comes, the devil is also at work to kill, steal and destroy. Expect opposition from strange places when you are walking out your faith.💪🤺🙏💖🙏💪

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