Daily Word

Luke 4

Read Acts 4 – The church is big, bold and beautiful.

The discussion is still taking place in the Temple with Peter, John and the religious leaders.  The leaders were perplexed because Peter and John were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures – they recognized them as men who walked with Jesus – yet because the lame man was standing right there they couldn’t come up with anything to refute them(:13-14). 

Beloved, do you feel ordinary?  Jesus is waiting with patience and mercy for your heart.  He will take your surrendered heart from ordinary to extraordinary as you lay your hurts, habits and idols at His feet.  You don’t need the things that drag you down anymore. 

The council tells Peter and John to stop talking about Jesus.  Beloved, once a person knows Jesus, it is impossible not to talk about Him!  And that is what Peter and John tell them(:20).  They were released and returned to the believers where they were met with joy and songs of praise to God. 

In verses :32-37 we see a commune-like unity in this first church.  They were of one mind, and heart, and they shared everything.  This is the infancy of Christianity, although it didn’t even have a name then, and it is beautiful.  Beloved, won’t you thank God today for what He put together by these courageous believers so that you can know Him?🙌🙏🙌💝🙌🙏🙌

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