Daily Word

Luke 9

Read Luke 9 – Jesus is RAD!  Maybe that sounds irreverent, but I just can’t think of another way to say it. 

Our chapter starts with Jesus calling and empowering the disciples to cast out all demons and heal all diseases (:1).  Beloved, whatever Jesus calls you to, he will equip you for. 

We get Luke’s version of what we read in John 6… remember, eyewitness account should always be slightly different.  If it is exactly the same, it screams of collaboration.  The feeding of the multitude with five loaves and two fish is told by all four gospel authors, but we are going to stay true to our ‘daily bread’ and focus on Luke.  Verse 11 shows us Jesus’s attitude.  He welcomed the crowd.  He taught and healed them, as he taught his own disciples about caring for others.  “You give them something to eat,”  Jesus tells the disciples… Our Savior is always inviting his beloved’s into the miracles! 

Verses :23-25 Jesus speaks about picking up one’s cross and following Him.  Picking up one’s cross is a one way journey. 

Verses :28-36 cover the transfiguration when Moses and Elijah appeared and spoke with Jesus in the presence of Peter, James and John.  Wow, right??? 

This is so rich and I have only scratched the surface.  Read on, Beloved, read on!

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